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In today's real estate market you must take advantage of every marketing tool available. The explosive growth of the Internet is a prime example. Individuals can now gain access to much of the same information only Realtors could access through local Multiple Listing Services. As you surf the Internet, you have the opportunity to view thousands of listings from many different sites. This can be an overwhelming experience.

The Internet is the world's largest library but trying to find a specific property can be frustrating. Any one real estate related site will not give you 100% of the listings available in a specific market area. Multiple Listing Service information is still controlled by Real Estate Professionals. They may, and often, choose not to publish a property on the Internet at all. So if you've been surfing the Net and haven't found what you are looking for I can help. By accessing different MLS' and using multiple search techniques for the Internet, I can help you locate that special property that has been eluding you. Then with my 40+ years of experience and expertise I will guide you through the entire purchase process and get you the best deal possible.

If you are considering selling your property remember that maximum exposure returns the highest sales price in the shortest period of time. My unique knowledge of the Internet can expose your property to the widest possible audience. I personally handle all aspects of the sales process from the initial listing contract to handing you your proceeds at the close of our escrow. I'm proud to be a full service broker. Call or e-mail
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